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About Empyreal

Empyreal Power LLC was formed in 2011 by two proven industry executives, with a passion for delivering clean technology products and services and accelerating the adoption of renewable energy.  The company is now operated by one of the founders, John Banner, who is focused on helping your business succeed and accelerating the adoption of solar power in the United States.

John Banner

John L Banner is pursuing opportunities in Renewable Energy, following a 30 year career in the Oil and Gas sector in leadership and board positions. He is a Principal and joint-Founder of San Diego based Empyreal Power LLC. Prior to completing his 30 years employment with Caltex/Chevron, Mr Banner was the President of North West Shelf Australia LNG Pty Ltd, Australia's largest resource project. His responsibilities included negotiating and executing multi-billion dollar LNG supply contracts with developing markets in Asia. Mr Banner held various management and Board Positions with Caltex Petroleum Company, including nine geographies in Asia, Africa, Oceanic and the Middle East. He graduated from Cornell University with a BS in Chemical Engineering. He is a US Citizen who currently resides in Boston and Los Angeles.

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